EPZA: Information for starting business activities in Athi River

The Export Processing Zones programme provides for the establishment of export oriented businesses which will enhance economic growth and industrial development of Kenya.

The EPZ Authority issues 3 main types of licenses or permits.  They are as follows:

  • EPZ developer/operator licence for those engaged in developing infrastructure and buildings for new zones to be occupied by EPZ enterprises
  • EPZ enterprises licencesfor companies directly involved in export-oriented business activities. These include:
    1. manufacturing or processing
    2. commercial activities (breaking bulk, repackaging, re-labelling and trading)
    3. export-oriented services (including brokerage, information, consultancy and repair services).
  • EPZ Business Service Permit for service activities conducted within an EPZ by firms located in the zone, but not requiring or eligible for an EPZ enterprise licence.

There is no minimum level of investment and any proportion of foreign or local shareholding is permitted.

Sales of up to 20% of annual company’s output may be sold to the customs territory for manufacturing and service enterprises if granted approval by the Minister for Trade and Industry. Sales are made to the Customs Territory upon payment of import duty and compliance with normal import procedures.

Commercial companies must export 100% of their turnover. Commercial licences are appraised in consultation with the Commissioner General, Kenya Revenue Authority

No EPZ enterprise may hold both a commercial and a manufacturing licence , and commercial enterprises must operate in premises separate from those of the manufacturing enterprises.

Business Service Permit

Activities eligible for business service permit include:

  • Commercial banking
  • Clearing and forwarding
  • Catering and Restaurant
  • Staff Recruitment and payroll services
  • Postal and telecommunication bureau
  • Office Service Bureau
  • Transportation services (freight and passenger)
  • Installation, repair and maintenance
  • Fitness club, sports club and gymnasium
  • Medical and related services
  • Laboratory, testing and quality certification services
  • Security Services
  • Business Consultancy Services (eg. Marketing, training, legal)
  • Insurance Services
  • Foreign Trade Mission (commercial trade offices)
  • International Disaster Relief Agencies
  • International Non-Governmental Organisations

For Further information visit: http://www.epzakenya.com/