Medicon is currently one of the largest companies in the field of lab diagnostics in Hellas, and the only Hellenic in vitro diagnostics manufacturer with:

  • Our own R&D facility.
  • Production of Clinical Chemistry,Hematology and Immunochemistry reagents.
  • Our own remanufacturing plant.
  • Production of medical software and process optimization solutions for laboratories.
  • Customer training programs.
  • Technical and scientific support.
  • Our own Diagnostic laboratory.

We sell our finished and branded products to Hellenic healthcare providers and we export products in bulk to customers in a number of countries (Germany, Finland, Spain, China, Slovenia etc).

We have developed our own technology and flexibility over the years that allow adapting our products to several types of automated laboratory analyzers and we offer world class services to our customers.

Medicon currently operates also as a local distributor for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, having undertaken the responsibility for the
State healthcare market; a very successful cooperation that allowed us enter the automated Immunochemistry market.

We have extensive expertise in Immunochemistry reagents for Immunoturbidimetric analysis. Our method can be applied on any type of chemistry analyzers and permits fast and economical testing of a variety of specific proteins.

Our applications lab is equipped with many modern types of analyzers from many manufacturers and undertakes to apply our products on these systems.

By developing remanufacturing technology we have on one hand ensured availability of instruments at very low costs on the other we export these systems to the US, where they are accepted as high-value items, due to the excellent work we do.

Our diagnostic lab 

We have started offering diagnostic services to patients as part of our commitment to the community.

Our lab is equipped with state-of-the art automated analytical equipment from our refurbishment plant, it is staffed by the best of our scientific personnel and operates as an independent department.

Brief History

  • Medicon Hellas Ltd was established in Athens in 1978.
  • Medilab Ltd, our R&D lab, was established in 1982 to develop diagnostic reagents for clinical chemistry and hematology.
  • Medicon Hellas SA consolidated all activities under one roof in 1986, absorbing the previous entities.
  • We moved to our own facility at Gerakas, Attiki, in 1997 that is now occupying ~7000 m2.
  • Medicon was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange in 2001.
  • OEM (bulk) sales of turbidimetric reagents started in 2003.

Our products 

Our current products list reflects testing requirements of the Hellenic market and several export items. Our products list is among the richest ones in the industry, containing:

  • Chemistry reagents for use with Beckman Coulter AU-series (ex Olympus ) analyzers.
  • Chemistry reagents for use with Siemens ADVIA analyzers.
  • Chemistry reagents for use with Medilyzer series (Diatron) analyzers.
  • Chemistry reagents for general use.
  • Hematology reagents for use with Nihon Kohden analyzers.

Our chemistry products cover a full range of enzymes, electrolytes, metabolites, specific proteins and ―special‖ tests.
We use our own technology for binding antibodies to latex by covalent bonds and we produce in-house some of the antibodies required for the production of our specific proteins menu.

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