Steelmet Exports S.A. is the administrative department of VIOCHALCO Group that is responsible of the development of new markets for all the companies of the Group.


The HALCOR Group represents the copper product manufacturing and trading part of VIOHALCO. Through its strong production base which includes plants in Hellas, Bulgaria and Romania, the HALCOR Group produces and distributes copper and copper-alloy rolled and extruded products and cables while being the sole producer of copper tubes and zinc rolled products in Hellas.

With its business presence spanning over 70 years in the copper processing and trade sector, the HALCOR Group is a strong entity comprising 18 companies, 8 production plants and having a significant commercial presence in European, Asian, American and African countries.

The production base of the HALCOR Group companies is perfectly vertical and uses copper cathodes, zinc ingots and copper scrap as raw material to manufacture a wide range of products, from copper tubes, sheets and strips to brass circles and bars, as well as from zinc sheets and strips to special alloy products and cables.

The raw materials used in the production process originate mainly from Bulgaria, Chile and Kazakhstan, based on annual or spot contracts. In addition, the Group has established and is methodically developing an expanded network for the collection and storage of copper scrap, which includes storage areas in well-chosen areas in Hellas and in other countries in the wider Balkan region.

The HALCOR Group also includes the HELLENIC CABLES Group companies, which are active in the manufacture of cables, enamelled wires and insulating rubber or plastic compounds, using three production plants in Hellas and one in Romania.

Aiming at the total satisfaction of all of its customers’ needs, the company focuses on responding reliably and rapidly to demand. It provides exceptional support for its products, which are distributed to more than fifty countries worldwide. HALCOR combines size, strength and technology to achieve its overall vision of putting metals at man’s disposal.


The HELLENIC CABLES Group of Companies is one of the largest cable industries in Hellas and owns five production plants, three in Hellas and two abroad.

The HELLENIC CABLES Group of Companies also includes ICME ECAB S.A. in Bucharest, Romania, and LESCO O.O.D. in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, as well as a number of other companies used for the distribution of the company’s products in Hellas and abroad.

The company started its activities in 1950 as a cable production plant of VIOHALCO. In 1973 the company was established under the name HELLENIC CABLES as an independent subsidiary of VIOHALCO and proceeded to expand its production and trade operations. Since its establishment, the company has focused on integrating state-of-the-art technologies and its goal has been to manufacture products for the international market.

The combination of high technology and specialized personnel enables the company to produce a wide range of quality products bearing the trade mark CABLEL®.

– Building cables

– Control cables

– Industrial and outdoor installation cables

– Cables used in ships and offshore, halogen-free , fire retardant and resistant

– Power cables for operating voltages of up to 400kV

– Fire retardant  halogen-free cables

– Copper, aluminium and ACSR conductors

– Telecommunication cables

– Data transmission cables

– Fiber Optic cables

– Special cables

– Copper enamelled wires

– Plastic and rubber compounds



SIDENOR SA constitutes the steel production and trading branch of  VIOHALCO.

SIDENOR SA is a Group of companies, with subsidiaries dealing in the production, manufacture and sales of steel products. The Group, as a whole, employs a total of 2,800people and is the largest Hellenic steel producer with a leading position in Hellas and the Balkans.

The main areas of activity of the SIDENOR Group are mini mills, pipe manufacturing, downstream operations and product sales & distribution.

Established in 1962 in Thessaloniki, Hellas, SIDENOR entered the Athens Stock Exchange in 1997 (Reuters code SID.AT) after merging with the already listed ERLIKON SA.

SIDENOR Group is fully integrated and its companies’ activities are divided into 6 main groups:

1) Production of Molten Steel


– Product range: billets, slabs, blooms

– Total production capacity approx. 3,600,000 tons*

2) Production of Steel Long Products


– Product range: concrete reinforcing steel in bars, coils, mesh & cages, lattice girders, merchant bars, wire rod

– Total production capacity approx. 3,200,000 tons*

3) Productions Pipes and Hollow Section


– Product range: pipes for oil, gas, water & constuction, hollow structural sections for construction

– Total production capacity approx. 970,000 tons

4) Production of Flat Products

– Production plants: STOMANA INDUSTRY SA, SOVEL SA

– Product range: steel plates, narrow hot rolled strip

– Total production capacity approx. 400,000 tons

5) Downstream Steel Production

– Production Plants: ERLIKON SA (wire products and concrete reinforcing steel fibres ), AEIFOROS SA (steel by-products Recycling), STOMANA INDUSTRY SA (special steels).

– Total production capacity approx. 560,000 tons

6) Sales & Distribution of Group Products


* Based on planned investments

SIDENOR Group’s highest priority is the continuous production of  high quality products. The company applies a Quality Assurance System certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008. The concrete reinforcement products are also certified by the German, French, Italian, Romanian and Bulgarian certification bodies

Great emphasis is also placed on the protection of the environment as well as on occupational health & safety. SIDENOR is the first steel producer in Hellas to apply in its 3 main production plants (SIDENOR STEEL INDUSTRY, SOVEL and STOMANA INDUSTRY):

•Environmental Management System certified according to EN ISO 14001:2004

•Occupational Health & Safety Management System certified according to ELOT 1801:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007

SIDENOR continuously invests in innovation, research and development. Since 1988 the Group has invested more than 700 million Euros in upgrading and expansion of the industrial equipment .

SIDENOR SA and its subsidiaries (SOVEL SA, STOMANA INDUSTRY SA, ERLIKON SA, DOJRAN STEEL SA, PROSAL SA, AEIFOROS SA, and CORINTH PIPEWORKS SA) produce a wide range of steel products:

•Integrated SD Reinforcing System (SD reinforcing steel, SD reinforcing mesh, SIDEFOR prefabricated stirrup cages, Lattice Girders, Steel Fibers)

•Merchant Bars

•Wire Rod

•Network Steel Pipes

•Construction Steel Pipes

•Oil and Gas Steel Pipes

•Hot-rolled Flat Products

•Wire Products

•Welding Products

•Special (bright) Steels


The ELVAL Group is the aluminium processing and trading division of VIOHALCO.

ELVAL started its activities in 1973 and is now one of the most important aluminium rolling industries in the world; it is the only Group in Hellas that focuses on this activity.

Some of the competitive advantages of the Group are its manufacturing flexibility, its powerful presence outside Hellas, its important presence in the lithography market, its leading position in the Hellenic market, its extensive distribution network, and its strategic partnerships with world-known firms.

The extensive manufacturing base of the ELVAL Group, which includes 12 production plants in Hellas, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, manufactures a number of different aluminium products that meet the needs of the food, shipbuilding, automotive, construction and printing industries.

Following are the main subsidiaries of the ELVAL Group:

ELVAL COLOUR: Active in coating rolled aluminium products and manufacturing composite aluminium panels, corrugated and perforated sheets.

ΕΤΕΜ: Production of aluminium profiles and components for the construction sector, aluminium bars and custom profiles for the automotive industry.

SYMETAL: Active in the production of aluminium foil and flexible aluminium packaging products for tobacco and food industries.

BRIDGNORTH ALUMINIUM: A UK-based company, active in the production of lithographic sheets and semi-finished coils. The company is among the leading litho sheet manufacturers worldwide.

Both ELVAL and its subsidiary ΕΤΕΜ are listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.


ETEM is a leading aluminum extrusion company among the most promising ones in South Eastern Europe. Founded in 1971, ETEM S.A. is the first fully integrated designer and producer of architectural systems and aluminum profiles for industrial applications in Hellas.

With two production facilities, in Athens- Hellas, and Sofia- Bulgaria, and an annual capacity that exceeds 40.000tons/year, ETEM guarantees continuous and uninterrupted delivery to all our customers. Through continuous innovation and investments in infrastructure equipment and our people, ETEM is an international company with exports that exceed 70% of its production capacity and presence in more that 20 countries.

With over 40 years of experience, in both sector we are present, design and production of Architectural Systems and Aluminum Industrial profiles, we are dedicated to serve our customers with value added products and services and build with them long lasting relations that are based on trust through integrity and consistency

ETEM possesses a strong position in South Eastern Europe and we are constantly pursuing the development in countries and new markets. With efficient structures and highly trained people we fulfill our strategic target to understand and cover the needs of each market and serve our customers in achieving their goals.

Our people offer numerous services to our customers, from training and technical assistance to individual constructors and installers of window and door frames, to complete project support throughout the whole cycle of a project. Starting from conception, we help the interested party, individual, investor or developer, to select the best product or solution for his requirements, we assist the architect or engineer to define the specifications for the project and we can also we offer technical support or training to the constructor and installer of the ETEM’s products.

In ETEM our goal is to design and produce products that help us improve our everyday living in a residential, commercial or a work environment.