Agricultural products in Kenya


Agriculture remains the most important economic activity in Kenya, although less than 8% of the land is used for crop and feed production.


The main agricultural products of Kenya are:

  • Tea. Black tea is Kenya’s leading agricultural foreign exchange earner. Production in 1999 reached 220,000 tons. Tea exports were valued at $404.1 million in 2001, or nearly 18% of total exports.
  • Coffee. Coffee is Kenya’s third leading foreign exchange earner, after tourism and tea. In 2001, coffee earnings totaled $91.8 million. Production in 2001/02 amounted to 52,140 tons.
  • Horticulture. Kenyan horticulture has become prominent in recent years, and is now the third leading agricultural export, following tea and coffee. Fresh produce accounted for about 30% of horticultural exports, and included green beans, onions, cabbages, snow peas, avocados, mangoes, and passion fruit. Flowers exported include roses, carnations, statice, astromeria, and lilies.

For more information visit the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.