Mr. Ath. Skordas, Deputy Minister of Development



Ath.Skordas, Deputy Minister of Development

Hellas, throughout the centuries, has undoubtedly contributed decisively in opening routes  of trade and of economic partnerships, in general. This action of the restless Hellenic spirit led inevitably to an exciting social and cultural osmosis.

We believe that the 1st Hellenic Multi Sector Investment & Trade Mission to Kenya, which is organized by the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kenya to the Hellenic Republic, continues the tradition. During the difficult economic circumstances for our country, the Mission:

– Offers a promising way out, an alternative, to Hellenic businessmen towards the rapidly growing and receptive market of Kenya and of the other East African countries.

– Creates a field for the development of much promising cooperations for the benefit of all contracting parties; cooperations and investments in many and varied areas: from new technologies to agricultural products, from renewable sources of energy and construction projects to medical supplies, education and tourism.

– Builds the foundations for future expansion of cooperations in the social and cultural sphere as well as with countries that traditionally demonstrate their positive attitude towards Hellas.

I believe that such initiatives are necessary to enhance openness and to launch a new bidirectional development cycle between Hellas and Kenya.

Athanassios Skordas

Deputy Minister of Development