Hellenic African Chamber of Commerce and Development

Hellenic African Chamber

The Hellenic-African Chamber of Commerce & Development has as its mission the promotion of mutual economic, commercial, cultural and tourist relations between Greece and the African countries, focusing mainly on small and medium sized enterprises.



  • ¬†Gathering information on the latest developments in commercial, economic, tourist and cultural sectors either of the African countries or Greece and supplying this information through printed or electronic means.
  • Organizing meetings, symposiums, conferences and trade missions.
  • Promoting the establishment of economic, tourist, cultural and educational relations between individuals, enterprises, agencies, organizations, and institutions of Greece and the African countries and preserving and cultivating those relations.
  • Resolving differences between agencies, organizations, institutions and enterprises taking part in the Hellenic-African relations.
  • Undertaking any other legal activity that is consistent with the mission of the Chamber and supports its cause.