Querzoli Hellas SA was formed in 2007 by building its own production facility in Industrial Area of Patras, Hellas (http://www.querzolihellas.gr).


Is a family company and is founded by Architect Pavlis Konstantinos who has experience thirty three years in industrial buildings.


The company is based on the know – how introduced exclusively by companies of Italy, which have been active since 1951 and are nowadays considered a pioneer in the sector of heavy prefabrication.

Constructive Capabilities of the Company


We offer Complete Construction Services according to the Design for High Standard Commercial and Special Buildings taking into account building a esthetics, ergonomy, space and environmental aspects in a cost efficient way.


Our solutions include the production of prefabricated armoured concrete structural elements specialised in long span pre-tensioned beams, 20cm thick concrete panel walls (sandwich 6cm concrete/8cm insulation /6cm concrete) covered with natural coloured stone pixels and the installation of electromechanical infrastructure, if required, in applications such as:


  • · Commercial Storehouses
  • · Logistics Sites
  • · Super Markets
  • · Industrial Buildings
  • · Cultural and Civic Centers
  • · Exhibition Centers
  • · Conference Centers
  • · Office Buildings
  • · Malls and Commercial Centers
  • · Stadiums and Sport Centers
  • · Hospitals
  • · Hotels
  • · Educational Institutes
  • · Aeroports





Alea 6.000 m² a Sparti Lakonias

Ase Scala (agricultural cooperative) 5.000 m² a Scala Lakonias

Karagiannakos 1.000 m² a Sparti Lakonias

Theodorou S.A. 2.000 m² ad Artaki Evias

Kokois S.A. 1.500 m² a Patra Axaias

Famiglia di Pasta 6.500 m² a Meligala Messinias

Rapti Bros 500 m² a Tavros Attikis

Panagiotopouloi Bros 2.500 m² a Kithira Lakonias

Panagiotopouloi Bros 1.500 m² a Monemvasia Lakonias







The company consists of a number of Civil Engineers, Architect, Mechanical Engineers  and construction workers.


Querzoli Hellas S.A. and Optronics Technologies S.A. (www.optronics.gr) are working partners to offer advanced technical solutions for the IT and Electrical Engineering Networks of Modern Buildings.