SIBA Soft SA is a leading information technology company, founded in 1997 to develop high technology products in Greece with emphasis on services.

Offering solutions to every need and promoting technology and knowledge transfer in the field of health for 15 years.  The gradual development of the company has provided stability and acknowledgement in the field of Health in Greece and has been given the opportunity to develop business in trade of sanitary materials, through a subsidiary in Romania.


Today it offers services and products, capable to accommodate any small or big need in the field of Health and company objective is to export products and services in other countries as well.


The initial activity which remains to this day, is the development of software and consulting support for doctors and Hospitals. Our main product “ Infohealth “ is an integrated information system for Hospital Organization, currently has over 1500 screens and prints and is taught at the University of Greece, in the Department of Health and Welfare Units.


Within the organization that the operation of an information system offers, as well as in the context of integrated solutions a consultant must provide, the company has expanded operations to Full Coverage Needs and Hospitals, meaning: Supply of Machinery, General sanitary materials, medicines, qualified healthcare materials, reactors and services for the creation of synergies within Knowledge Transfer.


Today we have a variety of products of our own manufacture, every type of medical software (hospitals, private practices, etc), with a large clientele in Greece.

Indicatively 3 main customers are:

– 1st in size Oncological Hospital of Athens

– Hospital Unit of the Red Cross

– National Agency for the Prevention and Treatment of Addictions


The company counts 20 staff, has an annual turnover 850.000,00 € exclusively on Services, and 1.000.000,00 € on sanitary materials.  Has its own offices in Greece and Romania.