The group “YANNIDIS BROS S.A.” activities started in 1932 and it consists of two companies, Vitex specialized in production of decorative paints, and Hermes concentrating in the production of water proofing and insulating materials.

The product range is complete and can satisfy all the needs in terms of technology, application, quality and price. Interior Emulsion paints, Exterior Acrylic paints, Metal protection, Wood preservatives and varnishes (solvent or water based production), Enamels, Primers, Road marking paints, Cement paints, Putties are some of our product categories (

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Vitex, the largest Hellenic Paint Manufacturer contributes actively to tackle climate change by launching the first Climate neutral paint in Hellas (

Vitex fulfils the commitment and adopts high standards occupational health and safety processes according to the triple standard of Quality, Environment and Health & Safety (ISO 9001/14001/18001). Targeting the development and application of efficient Management Systems in a combined form and a common manual VITEX expands the ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental) to OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health & Safety) (

Also, all products and production is fully harmonized with the corresponding European Legislation. Legislation aims to ensure that information concerning the possible hazards of products is passing through supply chain direct to customers (

A new facility, hosting two individual production units, a logistics center, a new R&D lab and group’s headquarters has been finalized on 2008. On this new production site, we have set high standards in terms of productivity, technology, health safety and environmental performance.

Recently we launched in the global market our totally new service named V-TOLL. VTOLL is a contract toll manufacturer, expert in paint and coating business, having the capability to offer differentiated products and services to its customers, under detailed
specifications and stringent delivery requirements. ΑΡ. Μ.Α.Ε. 6682/03/B//86/15(09)

Our brand “Vitex” is very well known in the professional and the DIY markets. Our products, apart from Hellas, are also present in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Hungary, Gulf countries, India and many more.

We are the largest Hellenic manufacturing company concerning decorative paints in terms of sales and production.

Further information about our company and products you may find on our website and as for Yannidis Group you may find info on