AGROTIKI-LOGOAgrotiki S.A is a leading name in Greece in the field of olive oils processing & packing. With an experience of more than 60 years in the refining oils industry, through flexibility and continuous development, the company has reached to manage exports to over 50 countries worldwide spreading Agrotiki’s name as well as various private labels throughout the world.

To capitalize on our world presence and leading position in the domestic market Agrotiki invested considerably on its production plant and recently has completed the biggest financial investment in the olive oil industry in Greece of the last decades, of 15.000.000 Euro, forming in this way one of the most synchronized and fully vertical  production units in Europe.

Located in the industrial zone of Megara-Attiki, the production plant is fully certified by ISO 22.000, BRC, IFS and consisting of:

  • Closed covered area of 10.000 m2 fully controlled in accordance to HACCP – ISO 22.000 practices, at every single stage of production.
  • New state-of-the-art  refination facilities for physically and chemically process of total capacity 150mt/h.
  • Stocking capacity in stainless tanks for 8.000MT olive oils.
  • In-house production department of PET bottles of 1lt-3lt, 5lt & 10lt.
  • Fully automated bottling facility equipped by the brand new packing lines dedicated strictly to the olive oil’s industry needs following HACCP – ISO 22.000 practices.
  • Fully equipped own laboratory for analysis & quality control by always applying and tracing technological updates and supported by scientific personnel specialized in the Olive Oils analysis.
  • Storing warehouse of 2.500 euro-pallets for finished products

Innovation in all activities traditionally being the driving force for the company and thanks to the state-of-the-art production facilities, premium quality of products offered, flexibility and competitive pricing, Agrotiki S.A. constantly is gaining ground not only in the Greek market where the company is enjoying one of the biggest market shares in the Private label of Olive Oils and vegetable oils for the retail sector as well as is one of the leading suppliers of the wholesale trade and HO.RE.CA but mainly establishing an export profile to over 50 countries worldwide.