LOGO A.PSATHAS 1The company was founded in 1960 by Mr. Anastasios Psathas in Komotini –Thrace- Greece and its object is the manufacturing of awnings and tents as well as coverings for vehicles. After the accession of his sons- Christos Psathas in 1981 and Ioannis Psathas in 1990, the company has obtained its present form as “Anastasios Psathas and sons O.E.”


In 1994 our company became the one in Greece which manufactures and supplies the Greek army with coverings of PVC for weapons, vehicles and tanks. Until today our company has manufactured the 80% of coverings for the Greek army.

In 1995, an investing program of approximately 1.200.00 euro was approved. The materialization was completed in 1998. The company as well as the head offices and the production department, are housed in a privately-owned building of 1500m2. It is equipped with the latest and most reliable European machinery: automatic electronic sewing machines, automatically-run adhesive machines, HF machines, fully equipped machine-shop and automatic planning and cutting machine. The company is also manned with perfectly trained personnel.

After a public contest taken place in 1999 the company undertakes the manufacturing of structure and covering of vehicles for the public electricity company in Greece.

In 2005, the company cooperates with the ministry of growth and it provides 50.000m2 of fabric coated with PVC for the needs of the Greek army.

During the last seven years, our company has also been occupied with the creation and manufacturing of tents for military, hospital and civil protection.

“An.Psathas and sons O.E” works with acknowledged factories in Europe for the research and purchase of prime material, as well as the designing and creation of new products. Our target is: high quality, immediate service and looking for innovative products.


Since 2004 our company has had :


-certification of quality system iso 9001-2008

-certification of the general secretariat of financial designing and defensive investments GSFDI/part 1a as for the potential of manufacturing coverings for vehicles, tanks and weapons of army forces.

-manufacturer’s code number from NATO .