ES GROUP LogoFounded in 2006 by Yannis Vassalos (Export Director of some of the biggest European Solar Energy manufacturers), ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS, specialized in solar energy, conceives, manufactures and distributes complete solutions or components of solar energy systems. Through our Head Office in Cyprus, one of the first countries in the world to produce and use Solar Energy since the 1960’s, we have expanded with branches, agents, partners and distributors around the World.

Today, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS. is one of the few companies around the world that manufactures and distributes complete solar energy solutions for almost every need.

Aiming to render Solar Energy simple, affordable and popular to everyone, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS offers complete plug and play solutions that do not require specialized installation and through a team of dedicated partners composed of engineers and installers working closely together, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS also offers OEM products, tailor-made services and complete Turn-Key solutions for private and commercial use.

Uncompromising on the quality of the equipment and services we offer, at ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS we manufacture, use and distribute exclusively high quality, certified materials and components and partner with leading brands in the field. Dedicated and specialized in Solar Energy, from Solar (water and space) Heating and Cooling to Solar Pumping and Solar Electricity Production, with a wide variety of practical, unique and innovative Solar Products, such as Solar Tables and Solar Refrigerators or portable solar lighting and charging devices.

Decades of accumulated experience and know-how between our dedicated staff, engineers and partners guaranty the correct and honest approach to your needs and the highest quality equipment for the success of all your solar projects.

With references, offices and partners around the world, a constant concern for innovation and uncompromising on the Quality, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS is your One Stop Solar Partner for High Quality Solar Energy Products and Services.