Export promotion Council



The Export promotion Council is Kenya’s Premier Trade Promotion Organisation established on 19th August , 1992  with a mandate of promoting exports by assisting exporters and producers of export goods overcome bottlenecks in order to achieve a higher level of export performance, enhance foreign exchange earnings and spur economic growth.

The specific  functions of the Council are:

a)            To establish targets for kenyan exports and encourage exporters to achieve them;

b)            To review export performance continuosly;

c)            To attract investment and finance to export sector;

d)            To identify new markets for kenyan exporters  and encourage exports into those markets;

e)            To promote public awareness of the need for export expansion and;

f)              To assist foreign exchange earners with any individual problems facing their operations among others

The Council executes the above mandates through programme activities such as Export Market Development and Promotion, Trade Information Delivery and Business Counselling services, Research and Trade Policy Facilitation, Small and Medium Enterprise Development, and acts as a liaison office for the Africa Trade Insuarance (ATI) services.

These trade promotion and other programme activities are implimented in line with Council’s strategic framework and in collaboration with trade support institutions and other smart networks.