H.E. Mr. Dimitrios Kourkoulas, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs,Hellenic Republic

Kroukoulas Dimitris

Ι would like to greet the Hellenic Trade Mission to Kenya organized by the Honorary Consulate of Kenya to the Hellenic Republic and supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
I am pleased to acknowledge that this is the second Mission of its kind in the past few months and I am sure that it will be as successful as the first one, further strengthening the exchanges of the business communities of our two countries. In this context, I hope it will foster a friendly and productive environment for our business communities.
Kenya is a friendly country and an important commercial partner for Greece and I believe that the forging of bilateral trade and commercial cooperation ties is in the interest of both our countries.
Kenya is a stable and pivotal player in the greater region of equatorial Africa. Greece belongs to the hard core of both the European Union and the eurozone and is an important crossroads in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as a gate-way to Europe. My country has always relied on trade as a vehicle to development and prosperity and has endeavored to cultivate business and commercial ties with an ever increasing number of countries.
This is a most favorable time to engage in business. The EU and the East Africa Communi-ty have successfully concluded their Economic Partnership Agreement which is ex-pected to strengthen the momentum in the area of economics and trade. I am happy to note that the strategic partnership of the EU and Africa has received new political impe-tus through the EU-Africa Summit concluded earlier this year under the Greek Presidency.
It is in this spirit that I believe that our countries should continue to work together in order to widen the spectrum of cooperation and develop new areas of mutual interest and business synergy.
I wish every success for the fulfillment of the trade mission to Kenya and I hope that it will lead to concrete and fruitful results for everyone involved.