H.E. Mr. Eleftherios Kouvaritakis – Ambassador, Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Kenya



It is indeed very encouraging that a new Greek mission is landing to Kenya, only a year after the first very successful one.

Kenya and Greece are rapidly developing their bilateral trade and economic relations .We believe and expect that the business sectors of both sides will continue their close cooperation bringing positive results for mutual benefit.

We appreciate the business opportunities offered by the rapidly developing Kenyan economy. Kenya is a leading country in this region of Africa and it has a promising future. We want to be partners in this effort.

Greece is always working with its partners on an equal basis, without any burdens of the past, and it is now opening its market and its infrastructure as a huge gateway and point of entrance to the European continent.

Both sides are working to create the best business environment and to set the necessary institutional framework for their cooperation. We hope that soon we will finalize the  several MOU in critical fields of our economies, with a view to provide a stable, predicable atmosphere for doing business between the two countries. This will enhance our cooperation and will open new avenues for the future.

The auspices are very positive and I am optimistic that this new enterprise, as well as others that, I am certain will follow in the years to come, will consolidate the Greek – Kenyan trade and economic cooperation.

I wish to everybody success in each every effort.