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A vineyard of Euphoria…


Inomessiniaki Winery was established in the beginning of 1998 at the capital city of Messinia region, Kalamata. A modern vinification unit fully automated and equipped with the finest vinification technology available today, aiming to exploit in the best way the exceptional grape varieties of Messinia region combining the vinification tradition of the terroir with the contemporary oenological science.


Messinia, land with ideal conditions, blessed by the gods. With a mild, almost semi-tropical climate and the most fertile land in all thePeloponnese. Land that one could think is destined only to produce the finest quality goods. Between mountain and sea, under the touch of the most fertile breeze, Messinian land generously offers its vineyards the most productive ground.


The relationship between wine and Messinia is lost within the depth of the centuries. “…full of vineyardsHomer said, referring to the land of Pylia. Whereas according to Pausanias, it was here in Messinia, that Dionysus and the women who followed him exclaimed ‘evi’ (cheers) after having tasted the wine of the land. And thus named the mountain found in the centre of the region, ‘Eva’.


Each year we strictly collect the best harvests of the Messinian vineyards, where local and international grape varieties prosper (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay) and the best grapes of the well known Hellenic vine production areas, V.Q.P.R.D.P.D.O. ‘Mantinia’ (Moschofilero) and the V.Q.P.R.D.- P.D.O.. ‘Nemea’ (Agiorgitiko). Our exceptional wines mature under ideal conditions in the wine cellar of the company in French oak barrels for at least one year, in order to acquire their rich “body” culminating to the peak of their aromatic bouquet and strength.


Nowadays, Inomessiniaki Winery offers a wide range of bottled wines, which is composed of either blended or of a single grape variety wines, covering the most demanding taste requests. The product line ANIMA (expl. latin: anima =soul) includes the most famous international varieties which prosper in the Messinian land such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay, while the brand Faré (expl.: Homer Iliad, the ancient name of Kalamata) consists of the most charismatic grape varieties native to Hellas Moschofilero and Agiorgitiko as well as of marvelous blended wines (combination of Hellenic and international varieties) offering splendid taste and exceptional aromas.




6th Km. Kalamata –Messini Rd.

 24100, Kalamata,Messinia, Hellas

Τel.: +30 27210 69905 • Fax: +30 27210 69906