Our company Mantakos D. S.A. for many years now (since 2001) has dedicated its operation in the production and marketing of oil immersed transformers.

Our team, starting from the study and the planning up to the completion of the last detail, considers our products as a separate creative challenge.

Our experience, passion for work and the continuous control of qualitative output, has made the name Mantakos D. S.A. a synonym of functionality and of aesthetic fulfillment.

Let us note that we design, we manufacture and also we guarantee. All our products are manufactured by using imported materials of the most excellent quality, they are friendly to the environment and allocate testimonial ISO. All of the above has been appreciated so much by the Greek and by the difficult European markets that accept us and frame us with factual confidence ensuring up to today a flatteringly wide turnover.

Our products are oil immersed transformers, the parts of them and their service.