PILIATI-LOGOPiliatis Marble SA is one of the most prestigious marble companies in Greece and abroad with vertical integrated production. It has its own exclusive quarries of Cipollino since 1897 and its own factory. Additionally it has the technical knowledge and the specialized personnel that are needed in order to deliver even the most demanding construct.

In our facilities in Styra area, Evia Island, we extract blocks, produce and process all kind of Greek and imported marble and ornamental stones. Slabs and tiles are packed onto pallets with the use of styro-foam and then they are carefully tied and packed in order to avoid any cracks or scratches. Piliatis Marble SA company is fully equipped with all necessary machinery for cutting blocks of marble, grinding, milling, as well as cranes and forklifts. The exclusivity of Cipollino marble, the quality of work, the good service and the competitive prices are some of the reasons that our customers remain loyal to us for many years.

Piliatis Marble SA operates both in retail and wholesale trade. It provides for all the professionals involved in construction, private construction architects, contractors, major construction and engineering companies in the private and public sector in Greece and in all over the world. Many public and private projects in Greece and abroad are signed by Piliatis Marble SA.

The history of Cipollino marble

One of the most renowned marbles in the world, Cipollino marble, is produced today exclusively at Styra area, in Evia Island – Greece. Its history comes back to the Roman Empire. At that time there were 140 quarries in Evia Island actively extracting blocks of Cipollino carried from the port of Karystos all over the world. Because of its beauty and durability, it was used for the construction mostly of temples & churches. Used in monuments, such as Saint Peter’s Basilica in Venice, Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, the Temple of Olympus Zeus in Athens, the columns of the Public Library in New York, the imperial markets of Augustus and Trajan in Rome, the Rome Basilica Aemilia, the Odeon of Domitian, the Flavian Amphitheatre etc. These are only a few of the monuments where Cipollino marble has been used for their construction & decoration.