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The Plomari Ouzo Distillery , has started with the production of the traditional Greek Spirit  Ouzo by Isidoros Arvanitis, in 1894.


Today, the company, which is 100% Greek and is owned by the Kaloyannis family, continues to use the same recipe and the same traditional distillation process in small, handmade, copper alembics-distillers. The ingredients used in the distillation process are of high quality and the aniseed and fennel come from the Distillery’s own biologically certified fields in Lisvori, Lesvos.


In the Distillery, all processes take place under very strict conditions with the implementation of all necessary health regulations. The Company Isidoros Arvanitis S.A. disposes an assurance quality system for the implementation of HACCP system which qualifies the product from the production line all the way to the distribution.


Having high environmental sensitivity, the company, uses natural gas instead of oil in order to reduce the pollution level. Moreover, all the raw materials are natural agricultural products and all the packaging materials are recyclable. In addition, the newly constructed Distillery is an important investment that contributes to the growth of the island end enhances local community.


Ouzo of Plomari is sealed in a traditional bottle with the characteristic cork and offers a valuable balance of flavor that can only be found in the finest spirits with a name of origin.


Ouzo  Plomari brand  is the  leader of the Ouzo category in Greece, a position that holds for years as a recognition to its premium quality. It is also exported in more than 30 countries around the world, in Europe, Asia and Northern America.

In the recent years the company has also started to market other traditional Greek spirit categories, like Mastiha spirit (a unique flavor of freshness), Tsipouro (grape marc spirit) and Greek type brandy, aiming to further promote the wealth of this category.