Vrossis, started as a family run business, which has been operating since the beginning of the year. The founder and owner, Konstantinos Liatsikos, comes from an active traditional grower family, whose experience and knowledge

falls in the field of Ultra-Premium products (food, beverage, alternative medicine and cosmeceuticals) all produced in Greece.

Our team is specializing in Trading & Marketing of consumer goods (e.g. sourcing, processing, packaging, importing & exporting) and strictly on Ultra-Premium Qualities. Our experience and knowledge of traditionally produced Mediterranean Nutrition Elements are to be applied in order to expand our Brand Strategy by adding a variety of Premium, Original, Greek and in extend Mediterranean Products.

In terms of Marketing Premium Mediterranean products, Vrossis is ready to offer full support in marketing these Premium products in EXPOs, digital media, printed media and media such as television and radio. Apart from that, Vrossis’ executives source constantly for higher quality in production-lines and in combination with a low-cost margin in order to distinct premium Vrossis products as affordable for the Vrossis’

Furthermore, our executives strive for higher quality in packaging Premium Mediterranean goods. As an environmentally conscious enterprise, Vrossis aims constantly for new packaging solutions, which offer higher Quality in packaging by lowering simultaneously the load towards the environment.


Apart from earning a solid market’s share, focusing on details that make difference, our mission is to control all production stages of a product and provide the market with Premium and originally Greek-Mediterranean products of highest quality.

Furthermore, our mission is to educate our customers, the final users, about our Premium products, about the significance of each product and its nutritional value as well as the product’s position in the Mediterranean food-pyramid and always with utmost respect towards the customer. Therefore, our absolute mission is to invest in rising markets by introducing our products and stores to customers, who will be educated properly in order to adopt the daily use of our selections and benefit from the distinctive characteristics that make them unique and overall health beneficial.


Our vision is to provide our customers with Premium Mediterranean products that add value in our customers’ consumption habits, offering exceptional experience. It is our dream to change the way Mediterranean goods are perceived in the world.